Baccarat Online with Dealer – Canada Review

Baccarat online

By Cheapy

Baccarat is perhaps the simplest card came you can find in a casino. It is centuries old; however, information on its origins is vague. Until not long ago, it was considered a game of the elite as it used to be played with high wagers. With the advent of online casino gaming, it has lost that kind of charm. Now anyone can play baccarat online, and there are numerous casinos and related sites in Canada that provide multiple varieties of baccarat for free play.

How to play free baccarat online

The basic baccarat game consists of a banker (dealer) and a player. Two cards are dealt to both parties. Each party aims to reach a total card value of 9 or less—the one closest to 9 wins. You can bet either on the banker winning, the player winning, or both arriving at a tie. The following steps show how to access and play baccarat game online.

  1. Choose one of the online casinos or casino-related sites where the baccarat game is listed.
  2. If it is an online casino, you may have to sign up and create an account, even to play baccarat online free version. If you already have an account, you can directly sign in. If it is a non-casino site, you may be able to enter without signing up. Some casino sites also allow it.
  3. Look for a suitable baccarat game in the table games section. You may alternatively use the search bar of the site to find the baccarat games available. 
  4. Click on ‘play for free’ (or play for fun, trial, demo play, etc.) button to open the game interface to play free baccarat. If you don’t find the button, hover the cursor over the thumbnail, and the button becomes visible in most cases. If not, a free online baccarat version is not available.
  5. Once you click to open the interface, you see the simulated version of the baccarat table with ‘Player’ and ‘Banker’ areas marked. 
  6. Choose the coin value and click on either the player area or banker area to bet on player or banker respectively.
  7. Click the ‘deal’ button, and two cards each are received by both the player and the banker face down.
  8. Click ‘flip’ and you see the value of cards.
  9. Depending on the value, the program decides who wins.
  10. You can click ‘clear bets’ and repeat the free baccarat online game.

What is a mini-baccarat game?

A mini-baccarat game is mostly similar to the conventional baccarat with a few minor exceptions, as mentioned below.

Baccarat Table Artistic Work
  • It is a smaller version of baccarat played using a smaller baccarat table.
  • The wagering amounts are much less compared to the bigger baccarat casino game.
  • Only the dealer will deal the cards always. The player has no chance to deal or shuffle cards, unlike the conventional baccarat. 
  • Some features of the conventional baccarat are absent in mini-baccarat.
  • Cards are always dealt face up.
  • Mini baccarat is a faster game compared to the conventional baccarat.

Baccarat casino game tips and strategies

Baccarat is mostly considered to be a game of chance. Hence there is not much scope for any sure-shot strategy. However, you can take care of certain things to reduce the losses and make the most of the situation. Follow the below rules for the best baccarat experience, whether you are playing baccarat free version or for real money.

  • Make sure you have adequate knowledge of the game rules and are aware of its dynamics.
  • Manage your bankroll. Make limits for spending.
  • Bet on the banker always as it has the lowest house edge.
  • Opt for a game of fewer decks.
  • Look for a game with a lower commission on banker bets. Usually, it is 5%.

Online baccarat live casino options in Canada

Many online casinos provide the HD streaming option for baccarat with live dealers. However, there is no option to play live online baccarat free. The topmost providers specialized in live gaming are Evolution Gaming and Playtech. The advanced features in live baccarat for the two providers include the following.

  • Evolution gaming: Squeeze, control squeeze, and multi-camera baccarat options. Also, direct and side bets applicable.
  • Playtech: Progressive jackpot baccarat, 7-seat VIP baccarat, and mini-baccarat options.  


How is Punto Banco different from other baccarat versions?
Punto Banco restricts drawing the third card in the games, while it is easily possible in other variants.
Is card counting possible on online casino baccarat games?
Unlike land-based casinos, card counting is not possible online as the deck is shuffled often.
 Can I play baccarat on my mobile phone?
Yes. Many casinos provide online gaming facilities for smartphones and tablets.

The simple game called baccarat has many different versions like Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, and Baccarat Banque. Many fans all around the world play the game online, on mobile devices, as well as via the live casino option. Many baccarat online free versions are available for those who want to practice the game. Even though it is a simple game, adequate understanding and practice are needed to reduce unnecessary losses and win better.