Online Blackjack – Review in Canada

Blackjack Online Games in Canada

By Cheapy

The blackjack game is an ancient card game widely known under its other name, Twenty One. Though its origins are uncertain, it has mentions even in Don Quixote by Cervantes published in the seventeenth century. With a dealing of only two cards, it is one of the simple card games, and it is best to try for those who are new to the gambling field. 

Online blackjack basic rules

The rules of a black jack online game are more or less the same as those for the offline one. The basic game has a dealer and the players. Every person, including the dealer, is dealt two cards each. However, one of the dealer cards remains exposed while the other hidden. The player in the game aims to get a hand of a total value of 21, which is called a blackjack. The game will be lost if the total value of cards in one’s hand exceeds 21. Even if it is less than 21, the player can still win if the dealer could achieve only less than 21. If the two cards together only give a smaller total value, the player can draw more cards to try to achieve 21. The dealer can also do the same except that the dealer has to stop when the total attains or crosses 17.

As per the casino blackjack valuation of cards, Ace can be counted as either 1 or 11. For cards 2 to 10, the face value must be considered. And the other 10-value cards J, Q, and K are considered to be of zero value. Also, the ten’s place digit is removed, and only the unit’s place digit is considered in the total result. If the total value is 18, 1 is removed, and the value is taken as 8.

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Blackjack online free trial version

The digital version of the blackjack game is available on many online sites so that you can play blackjack online free of cost. One can make any amount of trial and error with its strategies to get skilled in the game before trying it for real money. Famous online casino sites as well as many casino info sites provide many versions of the game for free.

Free blackjack game strategies

One who plays online blackjack free games must be aware of its strategies to practice the game. The basic idea behind the strategy is to guess what cards could be remaining in the deck of undealt cards. Various methods are used for this. Following the strategies, one can reduce the chances of loss in the game. The following two methods are the most popular.

Action Chart:

It uses a predefined chart to decide what action to take at each step of the game based on the values of the exposed dealer’s card and the player’s cards. Based on these card values, the chart gives 250 different combinations. In other words, the chart is a 25×10 matrix. Corresponding to each combination is marked a notation like S, Dh, SP, etc. denoting the action to be taken in a particular situation. Here, S denotes ‘Stand’ which means not to take any more cards, Dh denotes ‘double down (double the bet amount) or hit (take another card) if doubling is not allowed’, and so on. This is a strategy where you blindly follow the chart. You can try it even when you play blackjack online for free.

Card counting: 

This approach presupposes that you guess what cards are in the deck by counting the values of cards the dealer has exposed. It will help the player in framing further actions. 

NetEnt Blackjack free games

The highly acclaimed NetEnt Gaming providing free black jack games through its dedicated site online is an example of a provider offering the game directly so that you don’t need to access them through a casino website. Various online black jack options are available to try for free even without a sign-up. The same games can also be accessed using your mobile device or tablet. What’s more, even live casino blackjack games are offered for free trials. 


How many decks of cards are used in a blackjack game?
Different versions use different numbers of decks. They can vary from a single deck to even eight decks. As the number of decks increases, the house edge increases too, which affects the returns to the players.
Do I need to register an account to play free blackjack games for fun?
Many online sites allow you to play free games without registration. However, some standard casino sites require you to sign up even to play the blackjack online for fun.
What are the different varieties of blackjack games?
There are numerous varieties of blackjack. Atlantic blackjack, European blackjack, and Switch blackjack are some of the popular varieties.

By using the right strategy, one can perform well in a game of blackjack. One must try useful strategies even when one practices the game by playing free blackjack games. In Canadian online casinos and numerous other locations online, many blackjack varieties are available for anyone to practice and polish the skill. Though there are no real money rewards in free online blackjack games, it can help you get ready for real-money games.