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Before the advent of the internet, video poker games used to be the digital screen version of the five-card poker game played on land-based casinos on a machine similar to the slot machine. It earned it the name slot poker. Today, anyone can play the video poker game from the comfort of their home over the internet using a PC, Laptop, or even the mobile phone. It has also come a long way through a handful of innovations.

Poker slots vs conventional poker

Video poker games, or poker slot machines as some still call it, are different in concept as well as gameplay from the conventional poker in many ways. In conventional poker, you sit at a table with multiple players and each play against the other players. In video poker games, you don’t see any other players, and you are not playing against any player. Instead, you play against the casino house itself. 

In conventional poker, one of the players acts as the dealer that deals the card to the other players. Typically, several rounds of dealing cards and betting continue until one of the players present a winning hand. In the videopoker, five cards are displayed on the screen. You hold the useful cards you wish to keep by clicking the ‘hold’ button and replace the remaining cards by resetting it. The held cards will stay unchanged, and the remaining cards are replaced with new cards. It goes on until you get a winning hand. This is how you play video poker online.

Free video poker games in Canada from reputed providers

You can play on free versions of numerous video poker varieties on online casinos. Most of such casinos hosting games from reputed providers also allow the players to try the free version of those games. They can even be played using your smartphone or tablet in the form of a downloadable video poker free app or as a flash casino game that doesn’t require a download.  Here is a list of well-known providers and some of the video poker varieties they provide via many casinos in Canada.

Video Poker Live Play Screenshot
Provider Video poker varieties
NetEnt All American, Classic Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better
Microgaming Aces and Eights, Aces and Faces Power, Deuces Wild
Amatic Joker Card, Fruit Poker, Deuces Wild
BetSoft Poker 3 Heads Up Hold’em, Triple Edge, Pyramid Bonus
Play’n Go 10’s or Better, Jacks or Better, Double Bonus

Strategy for Video poker free games

Video poker is a game that is highly dependent on strategy though luck has a small role to play too. Without some sort of strategy, one is destined to lose an online video poker game miserably. Even when you play free video poker online, you have to play with a strong strategy so that you get an experience with which you can play real money games later. You can refer to poker literature as well as watch many videos available online to build a strong strategy. Whatever be your strategy, follow the below steps as foundational support.

  • Choose wisely: When you select the game variety, go for the one with better odds. For this, you need to have a brief review of various games and decide based on critical criteria. For instance, Jacks or Better can yield better odds compared to Tens or Better.
  • Check the paytable: The paytable shows you how much you will win if you get a particular card combination. It can vary from casino to casino and from provider to provider. Better awareness about the paytable will make you play a better game.
  • Hold on to a winning hand: You should not sacrifice valuable cards expecting for something better. However, this decision is up to you and depends upon your level of mastery of the game.
  • Prefer the wild factor: A game involving wild card usually has a house edge favourable to the players. So, try to go for video poker machines with wild card games.

Free video poker games and live casinos

Although most of the video poker games provided by well-known casinos are also available for free play, the live casino segment is one area where you find it hard to get a video poker game free for trial. The main reason is that unlike online casinos where games run on automated computer programs, live casinos have real-life human dealers that interact with you. It is not practical for them to interact one to one with all players who would love to play free live games. For real money, these online live casinos are available from specialists in the field like Playtech and Evolution Gaming.


Which video poker free online version has the best odds?
Deuces Wild is generally considered a game with higher odds compared to many other video poker games.
Why are free video poker games called free poker slots?
Video poker game online is a sort of hybrid of slot machine and 5-card poker. The five cards displayed on the screen resemble the symbols of a five-reel slot. And, the cards replaced also resemble the changing symbols on the slot due to reel rotation.
Are my casino winnings taxable in Canada?
Usually, it is not taxable unless you gamble as a regular source of income or treat it as a business.


As one of the oldest card games, poker has gone through different modifications and innovations. From the conventional poker to the poker slot machines to today’s online video poker games, including live casino and mobile versions, it has taken on many different forms so far. New players can always avail of the free online video poker versions of these games. Once a player is experienced in the rules of the games and skilled in applying the appropriate strategies, they can start playing the real-money versions.